Strategic Strings
with Emily Williams

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Course Outline and Materials

Module 1: Like Bees to Honey

See how the right studio policies can reduce your work load and attract students who will work hard and pay you well for it.

Module 2: Make Music Reading Easy!

Discover the simple steps that will get students of all ages reading music quickly and easily!

Module 3: The Art of Excellent Technique

Learn how to use balance and relaxation to produce more natural technique and create fluid bow control from even your youngest students.

Module 4: Enhance Student Understanding

Explore how common approaches to tuning and practicing may be hindering your students’ understanding and retention and learn what to do about it.

Module 5: Facilitate Student Learning

Employ my Assessment Steps and Student Participation Questions to quickly get students coming back to lessons prepared so you don’t have to teach the same things week after week.

Module 6: Mayday! Mayday! - Navigating the Stagnant Student

Learn a systematic way of getting to the root of why your valuable teaching is not getting the results you intend.

Module 7: Making a Great First Impression

See how everything we’ve covered can be used to eliminate the uncertainty and anxiety of initial lessons so you can put your best foot forward.