Strategic Strings
with Emily Williams

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Ultimate Strategic Strings Transformation Package

Discover the power of my step-by-step comprehensive approach to violin/viola teaching that attracts and produces dedicated quality students, while maximizing profit and minimizing wasted effort!

* Personalized chat sessions available in Ultimate Strategic Strings Transformation Package only

Business Savvy Instructor Package

Discover the keys to unlocking your studio’s potential! (For any instrument or voice studio.)

Expert Teaching Star Package

Learn how to make your violin/viola students shine! (For violin and viola teachers only.)

Accelerated Student Growth Package

Explore the secrets to maximizing students' productivity and success! (For any instrument or voice teacher.)

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Strategic Strings Certificate of Completion

You can work toward a Certificate of Completion that shows you have completed the Ultimate Strategic Strings Transformation course. This certificate can be hung in your office or studio. You can put it on your resume or advertise with it online. Not only is working toward a certificate a great way to let potential students and employers know that you have received quality instruction in string teaching, but it can also be a great motivator for you to finish the course!

If you choose to work toward a certificate you must complete each of the 7 Mastery Assignments (one per module). The Mastery Assignments solidify the material in each module. While requiring you to understand and use the material, they are not meant to be difficult or tedious.

If you choose to work toward a certificate, your certificate will be mailed to you once you have completed, submitted and passed all 7 Mastery Assignments. Mastery Assignments must be completed in full for a passing grade. Mastery Assignments may be completed as many times as necessary to receive a passing grade. If you do not pass a Mastery Assignment at first, you will receive written feedback to help you get it right the next time.

You may choose to work toward a Certificate of Completion at any time during your course for an additional $149. Even better, save 35% if you purchase it up front (only $97!) when you buy the Strategic Strings Package!

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