Strategic Strings
with Emily Williams

Pain Points

We all have “pain points” in our teaching. Those things that we wish weren’t there, but that we endure for the sake of our art (or perhaps just because we need the money!). Do you wish you could minimize your teaching pain points? Have you bought into the lie that musicians just need to put up with the pain points in their teaching studios because that’s “just the way it is”?

Which of the statements below most resonate with you?

Did you find yourself relating to some or maybe even many of the pain points on the quiz? You are not alone! Many teachers struggle with feeling inadequate at teaching, or frustrated that their teaching is not getting the results they want. Or perhaps you’re tired of working so hard while your students take advantage of your time. My Strategic Strings approach addresses all of the pain points and myths listed above. I will show you how you can attract quality students who will work hard and pay you well for it. You also don’t have to struggle with teaching the basics. You can learn how to teach with confidence and ease!

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