Strategic Strings
with Emily Williams

Confidence Quiz

Each set of three choices represents an area of teaching, choose the statement that best describes you.

Add up the numerical value of your answers:

0–25 (mostly As)

If you scored in this range you may feel inadequate at teaching and perhaps don’t feel your students make much if any progress. Maybe you’re wondering if you’re even worth the money you charge for lessons. Maybe you have considered getting formal instruction in a particular method but are concerned about the price, and don’t really know if it’s right for you anyway. Maybe you think that if you just keep teaching things will get easier and you’ll eventually figure it out. You would love to have been able to pick number 3 on each answer to the quiz, but have no idea how you would get from where you are to feeling that self-secured in your teaching ability.

If you feel this describes you, you will gain immensely from what the Strategic Strings approach has to offer. You don’t have to flail around and be a “musical babysitter” for the rest of your teaching career. It is possible to learn how to teaching confidently and effectively! While it’s true that trial and error over time may make you a better teacher there’s no reason why you need to go through years of struggle to figure out everything on your own, and in the end you may not be able to figure it all out. Instead, you can start applying the Strategic Strings approach from day 1 to make small changes in your teaching that will create big results quickly. You can move from identifying with mostly As in each confidence area to mostly Cs. Don’t struggle any longer. Check out how you can achieve joy and success in teaching with the Strategic Strings approach!

26–75 (mostly Bs)

If you scored in this range it probably means you feel like you’re a pretty average teacher. Your students aren’t great, but they get by. Maybe you have some students who are diligent and progress well, but you often feel like a “musical babysitter” for other students. You figure it’s like this for every teacher. Perhaps your teaching method comes from using the system with which you were taught how to play, or perhaps you have figured out your own way to teach. Maybe in taking this quiz you found yourself wondering if the number 3 answers were possible to achieve in your teaching. Perhaps you feel that achieving that level of teaching confidence is something you either have or don’t have, but would like for yourself if it’s possible.

If you feel this describes you, the Strategic Strings approach can help you overcome the areas in your teaching that are not as satisfying to you. We as teachers gain the most joy from our students when we see them learning and progressing and loving what they do. I know you want to give this joy to all your students! The Strategic Strings approach can help you teach those concepts you feel most insecure about in an effective and organized way.

76–100 (mostly Cs)

If you scored in this range, it probably means you feel pretty effective and confident in your teaching. Maybe your students are known in the community as performing well and you as a teacher are known to consistently produce quality students of all ages and ability levels. You enjoy your students and you feel they enjoy coming to you for lessons. Maybe there are a few difficult students you have and you wonder at times how to best approach them, but your general approach to teaching works for most of your students so you feel good about that.

If you feel this describes you I’m so glad that you are feeling confident and seeing your students progress! The Strategic Strings approach could be the next step on your journey. Maybe there were a few number 3 questions you would like to learn how to achieve. Or maybe even though you’ve found success you enjoy incorporating new ideas into your teaching. The Strategic Strings approach can help you do both of these. Or, maybe you took this quiz and someone came to your mind that you feel could benefit from this material. Please share it with them! The Strategic Strings approach provides a systematic way of improving instruction so all teachers can get to that next level of enjoyment and success!

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