Emily Williams, creator of Strategic Strings

Strategic Strings
with Emily Williams

An Online Course for Violin and Viola Teachers

Knowledge that extends beyond rote repetition to cognitive mastery.

So many violin and viola teachers struggle with acquiring quality students, creating a financially stable studio and feeling confident in all areas of their teaching. I have a step-by-step system that helps instructors produce and attract dedicated students who practice, while maximizing profit and minimizing wasted effort. What's great is that this approach to teaching can be used with all ages and levels of students! Teachers work through this online course at their own pace and results can be seen right from the first module!

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What is the Strategic Strings approach?

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MODULE 1: Like Bees to Honey

See how the right studio policies can reduce your work load and attract students who will work hard and pay you well for it.

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MODULE 2: Make Music Reading Easy!

Discover the simple steps that will get students of all ages reading music quickly and easily!

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MODULE 3: The Art of Excellent Technique

Learn how to use balance and relaxation to produce more natural technique and create fluid bow control from even your youngest students.

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MODULE 4: Enhance Student Understanding

Explore how common approaches to tuning and practicing may be hindering your students’ understanding and retention and learn what to do about it.

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MODULE 5: Facilitate Student Learning

Employ my Assessment Steps and Student Participation Questions to quickly get students coming back to lessons prepared so you don’t have to teach the same things week after week.

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MODULE 6: Mayday! Mayday! — Navigating the Stagnant Student

Learn a systematic way of getting to the root of why your valuable teaching is not getting the results you intend.

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MODULE 7: Making a Great First Impression

See how everything we’ve covered can be used to eliminate the uncertainty and anxiety of initial lessons so you can put your best foot forward.

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Work toward a Certificate of Completion!

Complete all 7 modules in the Ultimate Strategic Strings Transformation Package to qualify for a Certificate of Completion!

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Ultimate Strategic Strings Transformation Package

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A Studio Approach, not a Book Method

Many methods offer workshops and programs that focus only on teaching you how to use their book. For the same price as one workshop or intensive program, the Strategic Strings course offers a complete approach designed to be used with many different books from many different methods. You can use your book of choice and still get the promised results!

24/7 Access to Course Materials

Many on location workshops and seminars offer specific teaching on one topic area for a short period of time. These courses can give you that “feel good high” while you’re there, but then leave you on your own once you get home. The Strategic Strings course offers you 24/7 access to videos, audios, worksheets, and handouts and includes four 30-minute private chat sessions scheduled over the course of 6 months so you get direct feedback on how to use this approach in YOUR studio with YOUR students!

Applies to All Ages and Levels!

Unlike programs that teach information that can only be applied to a small age group or level, the Strategic Strings approach can be used for all ages and all levels. For the same price as some courses charge to teach just Book 1 of their method, I will show you how to apply the Strategic Strings approach to students ages 4–adult. You can start applying the information right away. You don’t have to wait to finish the course to see results!